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Does Peter Van Onselen have to work at making seriously dumb observations or does it come naturally? For someone who was apparently awarded a PhD in political science, Van Onselen struts and exhibits and incredible lack of understanding of even the most basic and most recent history and machinations of the Liberal Party. Turnbull’s son may have been on to something about the Liberals 


The absolute, unhinged crazies, the Liberal suicide bombers, aren’t the five Van Onselen sneeringly refers to — Abbott, Dutton, Abetz, Taylor and Andrews, but the other five, you know, the five who plotted in the Queanbeyan home of Peter Hendy in September 2015 and thought it a good idea to roll Abbott and strap on the Turnbull suicide vest. That worked out well didn’t it. Turnbull’s factional five had learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from when Turnbull 2.0 was rolled in December 2009.


Check the scoreboard PVO, it doesn’t lie. In a case of winning the battle but losing the war, that political masterstroke was about as dumb and as crazy and as suicidal  as it gets.


As history records, Turnbull, the quintessential nowhere man and empty suit, single handedly set about vandalising, trashing and wrecking Abbott’s thirty five seat landslide legacy of 2013, converting it into single seat majority in 2016.

Turnbull’s infamous five created the direct trail of breadcrumbs to the political, blind back alley, the Liberals find themselves this weekend. — By sun up on Sunday it is more likely than not they will have entered the strange, Gillard-esque world of minority government.

Well done, fellas.