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Have you ever wondered how it is that people of the “correct” political persuasion never seem to suffer the ignominy of the community for the their actions?

For most people if you have or espouse certain principles but act contrary to those principles you’re are regarded as a hypocrite. In other words, hypocrisy only exists where a person’s action’s conflict with their stated principles and beliefs. There can’t be hypocrisy if there are no principles attached.

They believe that its not hypocrisy at all to hold to conflicting positions. It’s hierarchy

The left don’t have principles therefore they’re quite comfortable for example and see no contradictions or hypocrisy in lecturing everyone on kerbing their  carbon emissions while flying to Davos or the latest climate conference on a private jet. It cant be hypocrisy because in there mind there’s no conflict.

No principles.

Or lecturing on women’s rights but have no problem denying those rights with men in women’s sports. They can’t even define what a woman is anyway.

No principles.

They talk about rising sea levels because of climate change but then spend millions on coastal real estate.

No principles.

They say that we shouldn’t judge on appearance or immutable characteristics but then adhere to the doctrine of DEI which espouses the exact opposite. That judgement should be subjective.

No principles.

We mine uranium in Australia for export but refuse to have nuclear power in Australia. To the left, that’s not hypocrisy because there’s no foundational principles or logic undergirding their reasoning.

No principles.

They talk a big game on diversity but using the ABC as an example, not diversity of thought or opinion.

If you’re Warren Mundine or Jacinta Price and are against the voice, then their diversity as aboriginals doesn’t count on the diversity index.

The same for blacks in America at the highest level. Black Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, a conservative therefore he is regarded by the left, as an Uncle Tom. Larry Elder a black conservative talk radio host, singled out as “the black face of white supremacy”,

So much for diversity.

No principles.

If you don’t adhere to as set of standards, principles, beliefs or values, you buy yourself insurance against accusations of hypocrisy because there is no measure by which you can be judged as a hypocrite and so by calling themselves progressive or evolving, the social and political landscape of the left is forever unfolding, rolling out and changing and therefore they can’t be pigeonholed or defined as hypocrites.

Their beliefs and “principles” are always in the abstract allowing them to capriciously pivot to square with the latest “thing” and they can’t be nailed to any particular set of values.

By existing in the abstract they exist as a thought or as a nice idea but not in a concrete or physical existence because that would present a problem or a conflict.

No principles, no problem.