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There seems to be a deliberate attempt to misunderstand and misconstrue events and their sequence so as to maintain the freight train media narrative as a fait accompli.

Trump hasn’t lost until any pending court cases are resolved and the electoral college convenes and votes.

To the extent that it exists, the reason there is voter fraud is because it is just the way they’ve always done business. It’s business as usual in many of those Democrat controlled, rotten boroughs and counties.

Not to call it out and scrutinise and hold each vote up to the disinfectant of sunlight simply puts America up there with Zimbabwe and the banana republics of South America.

Free and fair means free and fair or to put it another way we’re all familiar with, the justice of the ballot box must not only be done but be SEEN to be done.

It’s all about integrity, transparency and confidence in the process.

It is also typical of much of the hysteria of today. The left is orgasmic and drunk, totally inebriated, on their own hubris and all but ululating to a media declaration. Thats it. The only thing missing is a touch of the clatter of AK47’s shooting skywards like some African or Middle East backwater.

But a media projection or declaration has absolutely no standing whatsoever.

Saying it is so, doesn’t make it so.

Despite what the runaway train, media narrative says, Trump is still President until Jan 20 and perhaps beyond.

What should concern everyone is the irresponsibility of the media in their quest to be first and have something for the news cycle, is that if the courts and or the audits to weed out the invalid and fraudulent votes as is HIGHLY likely in cities like Detroit and Philadelphia and then the subsequent revised vote count minus the fraudulent and illegitimate votes and Trump is declared the winner, as sure as night follows day, violence from the left will ensue.

They will feel like they’ve been dudded. And too a large extent they would be right to feel that way.

They will have been dudded by the media. Not by Trump or anyone else or any institution. The media. That will be because the media held out hope and told them something that wasn’t confirmed, proved to be unfounded and was totally untrue.

The ensuing violence of course will again feed the media’s rapacious and ravenous, 24/7 news cycle but it will all be in them. Put it simply they create their own story.

But hey, why should they care. However this plays out the media has it at every twist and turn.

***** Just as an observation I haven’t seen or heard of any looting or burning on the right over the last few days. Has anyone else?