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I wish people would stop laughing about the latest mortar lobbed in the culture wars by the Sydney University debating union and sloughing it off as “political correctness gone mad”.
It is mad. It is bad. And it is dangerous.
What we’re dealing with, if people don’t already know and understand is nothing less than cultural Marxism, red in tooth and claw.
It is rampant and it is on the march.
This, combined with the other edict of recent weeks concerning nurses having to declare their “white privilege” before so much as laying a hand on indigenous patients are the two most recent examples and further proof if any were needed, that the agenda is not only about creating a diffuse and diverse debating environment and embedding a permanent, ongoing, rolling apology for skin colour, but about totally vandalising, trashing, wrecking and hobbling those institutions not already marched through in the cultural Marxist long march.
If indeed the acknowledgment of white privilege by nurses is enforced AND further, endorsed, by the deafening silence of a the political class, it would be necessary for it to be challenged all the way the High Court.
At the very least it is an act of divisive identity and gesture politics and virtues signalling.
At the very worst it is discriminatory at its core, the very thing the left rails against.
Acknowledging something as woolly, vague and nebulous as “white privilege” has nothing to do with a nurses caring role and their duties to help heal the sick, take the pulse, staunch the blood, give injections and take blood pressure.
In addition to all of that, it is about intimidation and enforcing a political and cultural action and belief on people who simply may not agree with it, as a political gesture.
To that extent it is no different to the intimidation and enforcement of Sharia law on non-believers. What next? You get struck off as nurse for not holding to a belief in climate change and apologising to Gaia?
Well may we laugh.
Today it’s nurses. Tomorrow it’ll be ambos and fire and rescue and other first responders. From there it will snowball and sweep all before it including our judicial officers, politicians and other public figures and institutions declaring their white privilege and incorporating it into the opening and closing proceedings of every thing from parliament and major sporting events like football grand finals, right through to suburban school assemblies and speech nights to sit alongside the fony, Ernie Dingo inspired, Welcome to Country.
And where are the politicians calling out this feel good, mindless rubbish?
Again, when the going gets tough, the pathetic, snivelling weasels and cowards are hiding under their desks.