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Random Note – The Wacky Hall of Mirrors
More and more each day we find ourselves wading through an ever increasing and normalised dystopian, Star Wars bar scene full of confused, dingbat weirdos, freaks  and social misfits  .
My analogy from my talk radio days was that’s it’s like that of the old sideshow alley, Luna Park mirror maze. The world of the concave and convex.
What I call the wacky hall of mirrors, where everything is ridiculously twisted, stretched, distorted and bent out of shape. In the side show alley mirror maze though, you knew that you would at least exit at some point.
Not so anymore.
In this perverted, postmodern world, the twisted, stretched, distorted and bent out of shape has become the new normal. The new fixed reality.
The entire Western world has become a wacky hall of mirrors. A veritable Hotel California where you can check out but you can never leave.