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If you read and believe stuff like this in The Saturday Paper you’re part of the problem and contributing to and fuelling social, cultural and racial division.

Notice how the word, “whiteness” has crept into the lexicon in recent years or even months.

Not white but whiteness.

It comes with a snarl and a curled lip as they spit it out. Like they’ve tasted some milk from the fridge that’s well past its use by date.

And notice too how it’s usually deployed and weaponised by people with an entitlement mindset and a distorted world view of their own strutting self importance and who see no other reason for their inadequacy, jealousy, rage and failure other than through the prism of colour.

They’ve been taught that a black or coloured supremacy  should result in a life of abundance without the work, but it hasn’t, therefore it must be the other persons whiteness that’s the cause of their problems.

That’s how shallow and bankrupt their argument is.

These supposed anti racists are in fact the real racists. Which is the distilled essence of CRT. (Critical Race Theory)

Racism of an earlier time could be explained through ignorance, lack of education and empathy.

Today, “education” of the critical race theory type is the root cause of the problem.

Tip — Any kind of studies with the word “critical” in its title is pure unalloyed Marxism.