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After watching the events of the last week unravel in the United States and with the understanding that the behaviour and attitudes of national self loathing aren’t just shaped, forged and fashioned in a vacuum but are derived from decades of tenured 1960’s radicals poisoning the minds of youth, it is way past time that we asked just how long are we going to allow our feckless political class to get away with not interfering with the school or university curriculum by running the argument that politicians should not be dictating or driving an education agenda.

News flash —They already are.

It’s just that they are not the ones we elect with many of the education bureaucrats, teachers and professors, if not in the commonly understood, traditional sense, are politicians of a different stripe, driving their own political agenda.

For example, what, if any aspects and through which prism Australian history will be taught and redefining gender and inventing new ones combined with radical feminist theory in the departments of humanities, social science and enquiry along with the fine art of breast binding and penis tucking.

Worse, this tenured academic political class, as we’re witnessing on the streets of the US, like lifetime appointed activist judges, will have a far more profound and detrimental effect on the heart, soul and direction of the nation, way beyond the lives of any parliament or the politicians who take an oath to protect the people and defend the constitution.