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A $50,000 paint job? And that’s just for the front door.

That’s fine in the private sector but the ABC despite being the nations largest media operator with a multiplicity of platforms reaching into every nook and cranny of the country is not In the private sector. Perhaps the should be with the exception of rural and regional.
They just can’t help themselves with taxpayers money but only to happy to bitch and moan and throw their toys out of the cot if their budget is under any kind of threat.

From today’s Cut&Paste in the Oz

Liberal senator James Paterson, Facebook, Friday:

“Last night in Senate estimates I asked the new ABC managing director why they had spent approximately $50,000 on a new custom-designed font for ABC websites”.

“That special larrikin mentality doesn’t come cheap, you know. Peter Lofgren, “Enterprise Design Lead”, explains the thought process behind the font on the ABC website:

First was the connection to the land with a coastal and outback feel. The open spaces of a wide brown land played a significant role. A sense of contrast that is simultaneously austere and rich. A true sense of inclusiveness that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism.