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What is just as worrying as allowing a sheik who advocated death sentences for homosexuals into Australia is the fact that there are so many who were prepared to welcome him and attend his lectures. Gay and Left groups seem prepared only to shut down speeches when it involves a climate change sceptic, an Israeli, or Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who is under an Islamist death threat.

Brian Whybrow, Wanniassa, ACT


Given the Greens’ support for allowing many Muslims to enter the country — people whose religion dictates them to be homophobic extremists — isn’t it time the Greens learnt to reason more objectively, given the obvious contradiction in their public pronouncements that incite hatred against people such as Tony Abbott or Pauline Hanson, but tolerance for the extreme homophobic views of Islam? A vote for the Greens is a vote for future chaos.

Graham Gordon Thomas, Kadina, SA


An internet search reveals 13 countries with execution as part of the penal code for homosexuality. A further 94 countries (overwhelmingly Islamic) imprison people for being gay. How is it that the Left in Australia is twisting itself into knots trying to work out if the attack in Orlando was Islamist or homophobic? They are hardly mutually exclusive.

It is as ridiculous as debating whether Islamist attacks on synagogues and Jewish schools are terrorism or anti-Semitism.

Bryan Connor, Cloncurry, Qld


I fear for the future of Western culture and society when I see the cowardice of our political class in the face of deadly Islamist terror. To deny that the Islamic faith and its doctrines have anything to do with atrocities in the US, Europe, the Middle East and here defies comprehension.

The religion of peace is driving conflict throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Thousands of innocents have lost their lives to this uncompromising doctrine of misogyny, homophobia and racism.

Yet politicians of all shades continue to compete with each to deny what all around them can see.

Historical leaders of substance such as Winston Churchill and Robert Menzies would be appalled at the weakness and appeasement shown by this generation of politicians. Our politicians have a duty of care to be honest with their citizens and to protect their interests and safety at all costs. And this includes the welfare of future generations.

Chris Fitzgerald, Frankston, Vic