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If Malcolm Turnbull wants to hang on to Coalition seats in Queensland he must get stuck into union thuggery. It might come as a shock to the PM, but most voters in Queensland don’t care a fig about how wonderful his father was when CFMEU workers are enjoying extra days in the Gold Coast sun courtesy of rolling strikes.

John Dorman, Toowoomba, Qld

Your campaign against Nick Xenophon is misplaced and will backfire. He is much loved and shows more integrity than many long-standing members of the main parties.

Lorraine Bates, Surrey Hills, Vic

There are three words I have not heard in this election. They are written in large letters on a sign on the road to Greece that we are travelling on — four hundred billion. The emergency services will not save us from that disaster.

Clive Bond, Wynnum, Qld

Nick Cater’s quite right (“Throwing cash at schools not the answer”, 7/6). Schools, no matter how well resourced, don’t make great teachers. Great teachers make good schools. High quality teacher education is where we should invest.

Ilze Frank, North Adelaide, SA

There’s only one scenario more unbearable than the prospect of a hung parliament — a repeat of Tony Windsor as kingmaker.

Kim Keogh, East Fremantle, WA

Listening to Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen and Penny Wong makes me fear that Labor is using the same broken calculator Wayne Swan’s surpluses were conjured from. And anybody who believes Shorten won’t leap into bed with the Greens if he has a chance to form government needs urgent reality therapy.

Mark Postle, Mundubbera, Qld

Andre Lewis, Ormiston, Qld

Why has Australian of the Year David Morrison not spoken out about the use of the term king tide? Surely political correctness demands that an especially high tide should not be called a king tide.

George Fishman, Vaucluse, NSW