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The Left will just have to accept that Islam believes homosexuality is a sin. It will be difficult for those on the Left to unconditionally support homosexuals and Muslims at the same time. The predicament the Left now finds itself in is clearly a result of denying a reality that is obvious to most people.

K. Bell, Paradise Point, Qld

So the Muslim sheik at the PM’s dinner was anti-gay. Could you point out a Muslim sheik who is pro-gay?

Rick Elsey, Coorparoo, Qld

If Malcolm Turnbull is re-elected, will he put on a dinner for Christian leaders to celebrate Lent next year?

Richard Congram, Mosman, NSW

I hear Bill Shorten wants to run the country like a union leader. Would that be like the UFU’s Peter Marshall or the CFMEU’s John Setka, in concert with the break-through-or-bust style of Daniel Andrews? Victoria has a plethora of models that Shorten knows could serve his aspirations.

Andrew Kerr, Fitzroy, Vic

None of chairman Mao Zedong’s five-year plans ever worked out too well, so what are the chances that chairman Bill Shorten’s 10-year plan will achieve great things?

Greg Kater, Sanctuary Cove, Qld

The arts community, with its hands stuck firmly in taxpayers’ pockets, launch a campaign against funding cuts (“Actors break the fourth wall to mobilise audiences against cuts”, 17/6). They then go on to say that they generate $50 billion for the economy. Why then do they need subsidies from government?

Iain Rae, River Heads, Qld