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Medicare privatisation scare is a typical Labor tactic: invent a problem, then vow to fix it. You’d wonder why they bother when they have created so many real ones they could pick from.

Scott Sturgess, Goomboorian, Qld

A double disillusion election?

John Cowell, Redland Bay, Qld

On Monday night’s Q&A, did Malcolm Turnbull finally get the message that young Labor voters, living comfortably on their social welfare handouts, are far more interested in the arts, refugees and the environment than jobs and growth, which is just seen as management-speak?

John Clark, Burradoo, NSW

I was horrified at the revelation on Q&A about how living babies from late term abortions are abandoned. Why don’t we name it as it is — infanticide — and admit that we are back to the pre-Christian morals of ancient Rome?

Ruth Edwards, Deakin, ACT

If the Koran and Sharia law prescribe the killing of homosexuals, as conceded by prominent Islamic leaders, why are taxpayer dollars being used to subsidise such hate teachings in Islamic schools in Australia? Where is the Human Rights Commission and Gillian Triggs in condemning such teachings which offend and humiliate?

Mort Schwartzbord, Caulfield, Vic

Does anyone know if the people who devised the Safe Schools program are working on a Safe Mosques program?

Peter King, Indooroopilly, Qld

It saddens me to be writing this, but with both Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten promising to outdo each other in spending with the debt-ridden public credit card, it appears our choice is dumb or dumber. With those options, I am going to simply write “Tony Abbott” on my ballot card. That will be my way of saying the conservatives have lost the plot under Turnbull and the country is doomed under Shorten. I believe Australia’s only hope now is to abolish the Senate and introduce non-compulsory voting.

Darrel Steer, Newmarket, Qld

How sad to see Bob Hawke and Paul Keating trundled out to support the Labor cause. Surely their hearts can’t be in it, since every subsequent Labor administration has trashed both the Labor brand and their personal legacies.
Terry Birchley, Bundaberg, Qld