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After being bombarded by Labor with accusations that the Liberals will strip millions from education and health. Yet isn’t it true that Labor left us with a burgeoning debt and with the aid of a recalcitrant Senate has stymied efforts towards reducing this debt? And wouldn’t the interest on this Labor-created debt buy a new hospital every month, or a new school every week?

Peter Troy, Kingston, Tas


It’s starting to look as if the electorate prefers a leader who has knifed only one colleague over one who has knifed two, which is fair enough — you couldn’t separate them on policy.

George Finlay, Balaclava, Vic


There is now a new category of untruths. Lies, damned lies, statistics and Labor Party ads.

Ian Thomson, The Gap, Qld


Malcolm Turnbull signed Australia on to the Paris climate agreement. This document should be forever draped around his neck. We need a clexit — climate exit from the energy vandals of Europe.

Viv Forbes, Rosevale, Qld