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Overspending is at the core of our economic problems

is an indictment of the two leaders and the media that it took Rob at the Sky News forum to point out what should be front and centre in this election campaign (“Rob was stating the obvious in querying spending plans”, 16/5). Since the budget, we have seen a flood of complaints from those who see nothing in it for themselves. How ironic, when only three weeks ago we remembered the sacrifices of those with different priorities.

And still we have others whinging about no longer being able to benefit excessively from superannuation tax concessions, whose claims Henry Ergas has really scuttled (“Super debate deserves better than obtuse polemics”, 16/5).

Australia has only one more term of government to avoid the hole that most of Western Europe has dug for future generations, with only the re-election of the Coalition offering any hope at all, even if it is only of slowing the growth of debt. Voters must resist the politics of envy, accept cuts to spending, and realise that Labor and the Greens borrow-and-spend mantra amounts to national suicide.

John Morrissey, Hawthorn, Vic

Insult added to injury

I agree with Janet Albrechtsen’s opinion regarding the retrospective changes to superannuation (“Super waffle can’t disguise retrospective changes”, 14/5). Having invested everything I have into superannuation in accordance with the rules, I am now to be taxed on any amount over $1.6 million. But then for ministers to continuously declare this is not retrospective is just adding insult to injury.

As Albrechtsen said “we are not dopes and don’t much like being treated as dopes”. These changes will absolutely affect my accumulated super and the standard of living I had worked hard, planned and saved for. If this government actually wanted to demonstrate a degree of “fairness” it should have either announced the proposed changes long ago or grandfathered the status quo. To have simply dumped this bucket on self-funded retirees is not only a pathetic political stunt, it is an act of betrayal. Whatever result they expect to gain by this, it won’t be with my vote.

Stephen Dewsbery, Carindale, Qld

Three Rs before gender

Safe Schools Coalition co-founder Roz Ward proclaims she has taught (she’s not a qualified teacher) country primary schoolchildren as young as seven about transgender issues. The federal government has removed the more objectionable aspects of Safe Schools from its website. However, the Victorian Education Minister says he will ignore the federal government and go it alone, ensuring Ward’s minority views are widely advertised and funded.

The majority of parents believe that any issues relating to sexual education is their moral right and should have little to do with teachers. State government funding for reading, writing and arithmetic should be the priorities for all governments.

J. Hargreaves, Kew, Vic