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It’s interesting that Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison are worried about taxing backpackers, who have no vote in this election, but they don’t worry about taxing self-funded retirees, who have voted Liberal all their lives.

Alison Copeman, Palm Beach, NSW

Owning a $2.3 million undeclared, negatively geared residential investment property on a shadow minister’s salary, should provide a pretty good tax return, subsidised by the taxpayers of Batman who are struggling to find rent, or pay off one home to house their families.

Brian Sanaghan, West Preston, Vic

With many Australians all but having given up ever owning a home, anger must have been close to the surface hearing a federal Labor member had forgotten to mention a $2.3m home on his parliamentary register. The lucky country would appear to have left many Australians as the rich get richer and those on the bottom of the food chain are doomed to remain there.

D. J. Fraser, Currumbin, Qld

The Greens and Labor are offering the Coalition a smorgasbord of opportunities that could clinch the election if the Coalition had a capable leader. For example, illegal immigrants, unsustainable renewable energy, unfunded promises on education and disability allowances, unsafe schools, and many more issues dear to the heart of the Left.

Tony Abbott would have decimated Bill Shorten by now on these issues alone. Unfortunately, Malcolm Turnbull’s lack of political experience and leadership skills are being painfully exposed.

Peter Jacobsen, Kangaroo Point, Qld