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Your editorial (“Bullying through picture books”, 17/8) has shown the extent to which the gay and lesbian community and its academic sympathisers will go in order to introduce infants to its propaganda.

However, the fact that parental approval for the project was first obtained amounts to nothing. Your editorial correctly observes that the project is akin to “an insidious form of child abuse”, but it is actually worse than that. Had it taken place in an internet chat room, it would have constituted grooming.

What is worrying is the ease with which an education system, from tertiary to infant schools, was enlisted in the battle by a Marxist ideology to brainwash children. Education is supposed to replace the darkness of the cave in every human soul with the light of knowledge, not the reverse.

David Long, St Lucia, Qld

Teaching, or rather confusing, Years 7 and 8 pupils via stories about cross-dressing, gender reassignment surgery and such, when the present mode of imparting basic knowledge to young students leaves an unacceptable proportion unable to read or write, suggests that the education system has been hijacked by a coterie hellbent on promoting its own loopy agenda.

When students eventually reach working age, employers will be more concerned about their having mastered literacy and numeracy, not whether they can recall all the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex permutations.

Peter Crammond, Kadina, SA

I am appalled to think of five-year-olds having to sort out who is mum and who is dad and how they themselves can become either. This so-called Safe Schools program is social engineering at its worst.

Now we hear of gender neutral toilets in schools. This conjures up all sorts of dangers. I have noticed one in our local hospital and would avoid using it if I could.

For heaven’s sake, let children concentrate on a proper education so that our rating in the world can reflect a nation of educated people. Do parents have any say in this ridiculous program, or are they too afraid of being called names if they object?

The federal government should not wait until the middle of next year to do something about it. Now is the proper time before too much damage has been done.

Patricia M. Smith, Mt Martha, Vic

Michael Sexton’s warning that debate on social issues has been stifled significantly by the politically correct brigade is emphasised by the Flinders University study that advocates the Safe Schools program in primary schools (“Telling argument against dissenting perspectives”, 16/8).

When the sexuality of children as young as five is being hijacked across the board in our public school system by left-wing LGBTI forces, it is a sure sign that control of the lives of our children has been taken out of the hands of the great majority of our renamed “heteronormative” parents and families.

The PC zealots have successfully manipulated and shut down dissent by pursuing their goals deceitfully under the guise of anti-bullying government programs and propaganda that was publicly funded by Labor and its left-wing cronies.

We, the average punters, should recognise and rise up in response to this frontal assault on our commonly held basic values, before we become prisoners of political correctness.

John Bell, Heidelberg Heights, Vic

There must be no better reason to withdraw your child from school than the dangerous gender-diversity program being taught to young children in South Australian schools. The fact that a number of parents signed up to it is even more worrying.

Paul Holbourne, West Melbourne, Vic

Teaching children at primary school that it’s OK to be LGBTI is one thing; encouraging it is another. And if this is not bad enough, the LGBTI lobby now wants gender-neutral toilets in schools. This debate is out of hand and it’s time the federal government stepped in. The way we are going it won’t be long before those who do not fit the LGBTI model will be outcasts.

The Left is driving our social agenda. Once they acted covertly, now it appears they are engaging overtly and seem unchecked in their endeavours. What does it take to get people to wake up and put a stop to this divisive conduct?

John George, Terrigal, NSW