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Are our leaders up to it?

Being philosophically opposed to everything the ALP stands for, I could never vote for Bill Shorten. However, I can guarantee that if the Coalition do not abandon their intention to retrospectively raid the superannuation funds of their core constituents, the best they can hope for is a hung parliament. I and thousands of other disillusioned liberal voters will be placing Liberty Alliance, Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm above them on the Senate paper.
Peter Jacobsen, Kangaroo Point, Qld

Neither the Abbott nor the Turnbull governments lived up to my low expectations, never mind my hopes. But anything other than a clear Coalition victory will leave Australia’s future not as dire but as desperate, and perhaps irrecoverable. Turnbull and co. have a huge responsibility to get their act together, but do they also have the capacity?

Michael Cunningham, West End, Qld

Will the courts be replacing the Christian Bible with the Koran now that the Muslims are determining their own courtroom protocol?

Jim Collins, Green Point, NSW

What a sign of the times when we’d rather fund psychological support for dairy farmers than give them a fair and reasonable price for their milk.

Jillian Thomas, Tamborine Mtn, Qld

If the refugees we currently accept present such problems in terms of literacy, numeracy, skills and employment, what plans do the various parties have to remedy this situation?

Patrick Ball, Fern Tree, Tas

Listening to Bill Shorten mentioning the contributions of Frank Lowy and Harry Triguboff (both migrants) in a debate about badly educated and largely unemployable refugees, shows us just how low the Opposition Leader is prepared to go in his quest for office.

Peter West, Ellenbrook, WA