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The Sacking the CFA board, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has provided a stark reminder of what life would be like when a unionist is in charge. Australia is in for tough times if we hand Bill Shorten the keys to the Lodge.

Bruce Phillips, Mount Claremont, WA

Daniel Andrews tries to enforce an enterprise bargaining agreement by sacking the CFA board and sidelining his emergency services minister. If that isn’t bullying, I don’t know what is. He should be sent back to school to attend the anti-bullying program he has mandated.

Elizabeth Todd, Wyoming, NSW

The Victorian Liberal candidate for Calwell, John Hsu, has resigned over revelations he owned a brothel. For the record, I find brothel owners have more principles than some politicians. This reminds me of the joke: “Don’t tell Mum I am a politician — she thinks I am a piano player in the local brothel.”

Richard Ryan,
Summerland Point, NSW

The attempted swallowing of the Country Fire Authority by the United Firefighters Union is bad news for the federal Labor election campaign because it highlights the ugly side of Labor politics — the constant pressure to strip citizens of a meaningful role in their lives and communities, and replace it with heavy-handed bureaucracy controlled by unelected power barons.

Once the union leaders gain complete control over a service industry, they no longer care too much about their workers or the standard of service delivery. For example, Victoria, the most rabid Labor state, has the lowest paid teachers in the country.

Philip O’Carroll, Fitzroy North, Vic

The actions of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over the Country Fire Authority smack of a despot. The prospect of not having a fully operational CFA this summer does not bear thinking about. If there is one good thing to come out of the mess, it is that Australians can see the extent to which the Labor Party is a handmaiden of the union movement.

Mary Hackshaw, Northwood, Vic