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Andrew Bolt in his column Labor sinking in sea of denial over refugees and immigration suggests that the left “still doesn’t get it”. I disagree. I say that they do get it. They know exactly what they’re doing. They’re on a mission to trash, wreck and vandalise Australia, socially, culturally and economically and recast it into a Green left nirvana. The multi culti, ethnic card is just part of their multi pronged program as are other variations of identity politics like gender bending and an entire panalopy of political correctness. These also are their battering rams and part of their revolutionary armoury.

“….Labors angry reaction to truth-telling about refugees shows it still doesn’t get it.

Australians rightly fear some imported cultures and deserve honest answers at last.

But here we go again. Labor is halfway to losing another election by shouting “racist!” and “shut up!”

This time Labor and its media mates are trying to shout down the truths spoken last week by Immigration

Minister Peter Dutton.

Asked about the Greens’ promise to more than triple our refugee intake to 50,000 people a year, Dutton warned it would cost.

Many refugees were illiterate even in their own language. They would struggle to find work and many would join our underclass — where, Dutton was too polite to add, dangerous resentments could fester.

How can Labor be in such denial 15 years after it lost an election over the Tampa, a ship effectively commandeered by illegal immigrants and turned back by the Howard government?

How can it claim that importing tens of thousands of “refugees” is not one of “the issues that matter” just three years after losing government for letting in 50,000 boat people?

This is madness, yet the Leftist media is feeding it by trying to howl down what the public obviously does want discussed.

In 1997, immigration minister Kevin Andrews announced we’d take fewer refugees from Sudan because “some groups don’t seem to be settling and adjusting into the Australian way of life as quickly we would hope”. Crime rates were too high. Once again, he got the same “shut-ups”.

Labor denounced Andrews as a racist. The Agenewspaper abused him for making “inflammatory” remarks designed “to arouse a predictably base reaction from those sensitive to immigration on racial grounds”. Police chief commissioner Christine Nixon, a Labor hiring, even insisted “those Sudanese refugees are actually under-represented in the crime statistics”.

Nixon’s claim was untrue — the Sudanese crime rate was actually four to eight times higher than the average — yet no journalist of the Left ever criticised her for misleading voters in a debate with such serious consequences.

So when will the Left finally accept there is something important to discuss?