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“..Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity was always going to sink like a stone. A Leftist leading the Liberals would please no one in the end.

So I cannot understand why the plotters who made him Prime Minister eight months ago didn’t see this coming. Troubled Turnbull Must Be More Like Abbott

But I understand their panic. After all, this week’s Newspoll didn’t just put Turnbull’s Coalition behind Labor for the fourth straight survey.

Worse for Turnbull was that Mr 60 per cent last November is Mr 38 per cent now, disliked by three million voters who approved of him just months ago.

But a caveat. Yes, the Liberals are behind Labor in the national polls, but so far the swing to Labor isn’t happening in the marginal seats it needs to win.

But the Liberals won’t win as handsomely as Turnbull once imagined and in the way his media backers stupidly assumed — by dragging the Liberals to the Left.

Hear journalists now shout: “Let Malcolm be Malcolm!”

But Turnbull is best when he’s actually being Abbott..”

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