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As much as I would like to see Trump win in 2024 just to stick it to them again with another John Howard type, Lazarus with a triple bypass win and complete the mission of draining the swamp and further exposing the corruption, even if he were to get the nomination, there’s a stack of RINOs and swamp dwelling dinosaurs from both parties, Biden’s corrupt justice system and of course the equally corrupt media, who are determined not to let that happen.

I doubt if he can win in the general up against such a machine moving as one and a proven corrupt and rigged system plus the media.

As outlined in the book, “Rigged” by Molly Hemmingway and the essay in Time Magazine by Molly Ball in March 2021, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election” where they admit what they did, the democrats have done it before and they’re no doubt working on doing it again, even if it’s not Trump but someone else.

And just like before, the Republicans won’t see it coming.

How good are they at losing? They’re brilliant. They didn’t win a single house, not once between 1954 to 1994. Forty years.

The democrats are past masters and have been at it since the days of Tammany Hall in the late 18th century.

Republicans, like all Conservative parties are slow, doddering, dopey, stupid and hopeless and are left by the side of the road in a cloud of dust, scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

They’re all Marquis of Queensbury and “losing with honour” while their opposition is all eye gouging, kneeing in the groin, whatever it takes and win at any cost.

The left has had an agenda since Woodrow Wilson in 1920 and they’re desperate, after being so close to turning the US into a Marxist state in 2016, they’re not about to allow anyone to mess with their plans for a second time.

They took their eye off the ball in 2016 allowing Trump to score a touchdown and put him in a position whereby he was able to expose the corruption of the entrenched establishment and bureaucracy as well as the media and they not going to let it happen again.

They have said, “we won’t let that (Trumps 2024 election) happen”.

In other words the establishment uniparty are both determined to stop him and to hell with what the people want. The swamp is not for outsiders who can’t be bought off.

In the years to come history will record that Trump was the equivalent of a play maker in a football match. A player who identifies and capitalises on the oppositions mistakes, unforced errors and strategy. Someone who sets up the critical play and the tries for others to score.

If you believe in preordination, that may have been Trump’s mission and calling all along.