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This video is from 1985 but it still holds up. It is from a time when Russia was still a totalitarian communist state. As I have said for many years, the Berlin wall came down in 1989 as it was no longer necessary. The ideas and philosophies had long since taken flight and escaped  or rather had been let loose on an unsuspecting West and taken root.
Take a look around at the economic, social and cultural chaos and confusion.
Its no accident.
And then throw into to the mix since 2001, the rise and rise of Islam and Islamism in the West and how far the proclivities and philosophies of the left and of the environmental movement, which uses the environment, (climate change) as a stalking horse for a far reaching radical agenda, have entrenched themselves into every aspect of society. Think, Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships.
Add to that, the left of the mainstream parties who now, don’t even try to hide their desire to eradicate, destroy and diminish the nation state and make us subservient to the UN (climate change again) by dismantling national borders and opening us up with all manner of unlimited immigration without taking into account the nation’s ability to cope either socially, culturally or economically or without consideration as to how some cultures are totally incompatible and whose mindset are inimical to the harmony and the fabric of society. How To Brainwash A Nation