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What are we breeding. Trigger warnings, safe spaces and now this. We are talking about fully grown “adults”

“….Bureaucrats have been offered special training to prepare them for phobias — including fear of heights and claustrophobia — ­before they move into a new 44-storey tower.

A memo sent to Queensland ministerial ­offices and public servants said they could take part in “sessions” to assist with their ­phobias, including acrophobia, an extreme fear of heights.

It is understood the sessions were planned to be held today, with bureaucrats asked to book their places by Monday afternoon before they move into the new government building in Brisbane, dubbed the “tower of power”.

The meetings were organised by the state government’s ­employee assistance provider, which offers public servants a “regular on-site program of care and counselling on personal and work-related issues”.

A spokesman for state Treas­urer Curtis Pitt said last night the cost of the sessions dealing with phobias would likely be incorporated with overall relocation project costs.

Opposition Treasury spokesman Scott Emerson criticised Labor’s attacks on the LNP in ­regards to its role in approving the construction of the tower.

“If Labor is so opposed to 1 William Street, why are they moving in? I wonder if staff were offered three nights on the top floor of a luxury Gold Coast apartment block if they’d need counselling,” Mr Emerson told The Australian…”