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In a case of a choice between bad or worse than bad, and as bad and as hopeless Turnbull and the Libs are, the alternative is diabolical and should fill you with dread.
This is a sobering assessment that should hit most people in the face like a bucket of ice water if they bother themselves to read it.
It should scare living daylights out of just about everyone.
The baseline, as most people are aware, is that 10 years ago Australia had zero debt and 10’s of billions in the bank.
That was then. This is now and a peak into the future… The Coalition must get its act together because if Bill Shorten wins, we all lose 

“…Our debt has now ballooned to $317 billion in net terms and we’re paying over $16 billion in interest every year to our creditors, many of them overseas.
Just like your mortgage, this interest is “dead money” that would be better spent on roads, hospitals or paying back the capital..
It’s about time we considered what a Shorten government might do to Australia, and the likely results aren’t pretty. Here are the facts.
If Bill Shorten becomes PM the carbon tax comes back and your power bills increase even faster.
Labor has already committed to a new emissions trading scheme (or floating rate tax) designed to cut emissions by 45 per cent by 2030.
Then there’s Labor’s 50 per cent renewable energy target that will give the country South Australian-style power bills and blackouts — plus the $50 billion it will cost to build extra wind turbines subsidised by you.
Labor has already committed to abolishing the tough cop on the beat in the construction industry and will return union governance to the Fair Work Commission, which is beset with internal strife and resignations.
Worse still, almost 50 Labor members and candidates at last year’s election called for an end to the Coalition’s border protection policies.
With the extreme Left continually gaining ground inside the Labor caucus, there’s no doubt Labor will go soft and the people smugglers will be back in business.
But it’s Labor’s economic policy that will do the most damage. At the last election, Labor committed to $100 billion worth of new taxes over the decade on super, on capital gains and on investment housing.
Under Bill Shorten, Budget repair is about raising taxes that will make retirees and investors worse off, meaning your house will be worth less and rents will cost more.
Because Labor promised to make record increases in spending, it will make debt and deficit even worse, putting upward pressure on interest rates and creating pressure to raise taxes even further.
There will be more environmental regulation, more workplace regulation and more bureaucracy so your business will be less profitable and jobs less secure.
Our company tax rates will no longer be competitive and will shift jobs offshore, reduce tax revenues and hit our economy hard. As debt and deficit blow out, confidence will fall, investment will dry up, and employers will close down…”  The Coalition must get its act together because if Bill Shorten wins, we all lose