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Even if you only read the cut and paste paragraph below, it turbo charges the argument that the left and the ABC simply are not remotely interested in facts that conflict with their world view.
It is by all measures for them, a matter of “alternative facts”.
Note the phrase “actually lived”, which Abdel-Magied hasn’t.
Also the video grab featuring Christopher Hitchens in the body of the story also on Q&A and another UK panel program is worth a look. He doesn’t hold back. Worth noting also the last couple of sentences of the article which says exactly what I’ve written over the last few days. (ie) The ABC should invite a guest on to Q&A who actually does have coal face experience. Someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but don’t hold your breath because that would shatter the narrative of the ABC’s clueless and uninformed, in house pet and go to guru Abdel-Magied.
“….Most disappointing is that the testimony of those who have actually lived under Islam law doesn’t matter to the creed’s apologists. Nor do the criticisms from notable experts conversant with the stifling effects of Sharia when applied with literal devotion. The insights of informed figures such as Sam Harris, Ayaan Harsi Ali and Christopher Hitchens mean nothing to them. I guess that’s the nature of do-gooders: they rarely do good. Memories of the late Hitchens bring to mind an earlier Q&A episode in which another angry Muslima also insisted that black is white. The video of that encounter is below….”
“….It seems you can get away with spouting utter absurdity provided you wear a quaint and colourful headpiece. In a video subsequently posted on Junkee, Abdel-Magied attempted to clarify the position she had taken on Q&A — and with a straight face, mind you. Sharia “is about justice and equality”, she said. Then, as can be expected of any accomplished rhetorician of the Left who is forced to address female oppression in the Middle East, Abdel-Magied suggested that it was the “conservative and patriarchal nature” of certain Islamic nations’, rather than Koranic example and injunction which sees stonings, child marriages and honour killings. That these abominations occur in lands where Islam holds sway is, apparently, no more than unfortunate coincidence.
The point is this: you can’t wash away routine acts of cruelty by touting a few rosy lines of scripture. Many Islamic scholars, leaders and everyday followers—the kind now petitioning the ABC for an apology—continue to refute the idea that certain interpretations of their faith are fundamentally harmful or, at the very least, guilty of a particularly nasty intolerance…”  An Empty Hijab Makes the Most Noise