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“…How, exactly, did we help kill that priest?

We ignored the Islamist slaughter of Christians elsewhere. When Coptic Christians were murdered in Egypt, we dismissed it as an internal matter. When Christians were butchered in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, we merely shrugged. We Have Failed To Protect Christians 

Ordered to ignore the plight of Iraqi Christians to “avoid perceptions of bias,” our troops watched as Christians were slaughtered or driven out. The 2,000-year-old Christian civilization of Mesopotamia has been reduced to bones.

With Syria ravaged, President Obama refused to acknowledge the torture, rape, kidnapping, enslavement and mass murder of Christians at the hands of Islamist fanatics (and not just ISIS). When alarmed voices raised the prospect of giving priority to Christian refugees, the administration cried, “Bigotry!” — and gave priority to Muslim migrants.

We embraced their lies as Islamists rewrote history to vilify Christians. Every Muslim failure became the fault of the Crusades, a two-century occupation of a tiny coastal strip in the Levant that ended seven centuries ago. We can’t discuss fourteen centuries of relentless jihad, of the savage Muslim conquest of much of Europe and occupations of Christian lands that began in the Middle East in the seventh century and only faded from Europe in 1912…”