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So this morning I post to my web site which filters to my Twitter feed, some choice pars from the finely crafted, Janet Albrechtsen column from today’s Australian. It was about the pin ball nature of the Turnbull government just bouncing off the walls and achieving absolutely nothing.
Nothing to do with race. Not a word of it.

My introductory paragraph was “..Remember prior to Turnbulls ascension to the top job, the estimation of those on the left in the Liberal and Labor Party thought that he would be a a genius PM.
As usual they were wrong..”

But you see, some emotionally unbalanced and unstable people see the race boogie man everywhere and my post triggered this rather emotional, unbalanced, juvenile and undergraduate response from an Elisabeth Meehan.
“I block racists” she screeched on Twitter.
It seems to me that Ms Meehan is typical of many emotional and unstable people these days who want to participate in debate but only via the echo chamber of like minded types. Which is not really debate at all. When they read or hear something they don’t like or disagree with (I still don’t know) they simply storm out and refuse to engage.
The extent of their engagement and participation is to wail and screech racist or mysogynist, or bigot or homophobe or Islamophobe.

That is their childish schoolyard default position. That’s about as deep and as philosophical as it gets.
Ms Meehan would seem to be typical and representative of the thumb sucking infantilisation these days of a coterie of people who simply can’t cope with the world as it is and require the mollycoddling provided by trigger warnings and safe spaces to deal with the real world.