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And the beat goes on….
We’re entitled to ask, what’s going on? Seems like more of the same, Islam is special, don’t upset them, routine….
“…Lawyer Peter Kelso, who has represented 15 survivors of Christian institutions, recently wrote to the commission asking if it had looked at abuse from within Islam, particularly relating to forced child marriage, female genital mutilation and child sex.
“All groups need to be treated equally and fairly,” said Mr Kelso, who got no answers from the commission but argues it should give a balanced picture of faith-based abuse.
“We know there are underage Muslim girls being pressured into things they don’t want to do. I’m happy to suggest the Royal Commission is deliberately avoiding any investigation into Islamic institutions.
“They’ve even investigated a new-age ashram. Why not Islam? I suggest there is a culture of fear in that community.”
It declined to give any detail but the commission, which has reached cut-off point and will hold no further private interviews, appears to have taken a view that the small number of complaints does not warrant holding hearings on Islam.
This was despite the Australian Federal Police confirming it had investigated 69 reports of forced marriages in the last financial year..”  Islamic Groups Dodge Abuse Inquiry