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“…The depth of public outrage has been the consistent misunderstanding of all pundits trying to explain the current election. Why is the public so mad? Why do people seem to love Trump so much? Those charged with telling us the truth – journalists, the federal government, politicians, academia, Hollywood, and the Church – do not. The epistemological organs of our nation favor an illiberal anti-American view of the world, epitomized by the Jonathan Grubers and condescend…ing Hollywood stars, that mocks the average American.

Sadly, even the Republican Party thinks this way about the average American, and for that, the public burned down the RNC. While Democrats laughed, they never thought the populist fires could touch their perfect candidate.

Partisans are frustrated that Trump is not being held to a high account of honesty like Hillary, but they miss the public’s point. Trump is not a politician, and they view his lies as an attempt to escape a government that finds us all guilty of crimes, from the environment to taxes to hate speech and even bad thoughts. Trump is a wrecking ball that will, at least in their eyes, take down the elite world of deception and suppression – or so they hope…” Is Hillary Clinton Losing the 2016 Election