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A great read. Coming to a campus near you. In fact its probably already arrived…
“…My overall point was simple: none of this nonsense had anything to do with actual education. It was all about encouraging students to identify not as individuals who were at college to prepare themselves for a successful life but as members of one or more oppressed groups (the more, by the way, the better) and to see themselves, on that account, as victims of deep-seated prejudice on the part of a system that was determined to keep them down and prevent their success. And if you weren’t a member of any of those groups – if, in other words, you were a healthy heterosexual white male – the goal of all these pseudo-studies was to teach you that you were in possession of an undeserved privilege for which you were obliged to spend your life apologizing and making amends. Never mind if you’d grown up dirt-poor and had worked your toches off to get into college.
On American campuses, to a staggering extent, group identity has supplanted traditional morality and critical thinking.
Your skin color, your sex, your sexual orientation: at many a university, these attributes now matter at least as much as anything intrinsic about you as an individual. We’ve seen the news stories. A boy and a girl, both more or less equally inebriated, have consensual sex, and in the morning (or several days or weeks or months later) the girl decides she was raped, and the college administrators line up behind her, affirm her victim status, and set about destroying the boy’s life. A black girl goes berserk because a white boy is wearing his hair in a way she considers “cultural appropriation,” and the authorities, instead of telling her to knock it off and get a life, handle her as delicately as an unexploded landmine and treat him like a thug..” Group Think On Campus