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One of the best things I’ve read on all of this (and that’s a hell of a lot) and the thing that most people are still missing, even the genuine supporters of SSM, is, as I’ve said for many years, that there is a much, much larger agenda in play. 

In this debate as in so much else, like the climate and energy debate and fake news, Australia and the West generally has entered a sideshow hall of mirrors where everything is stretched, distorted and upside down. Things are not what they seem.

It is worth repeating that this is nothing to do with equality and never has been. Equality has been the sizzle to sell the sausage.

All the benefits, privileges, and responsibilities afforded to traditional marriage are already available to same sex couples under both state and federal laws.


“….I fled communist tyranny to breathe and speak freely, to live without the fear and obligatory debasement of paying lip service to evil. Don’t think me dramatic when I say the Left in general and same-sex marriage bullies in particular have inspired a deeply unsettling sense of deja vu

There are increasingly ominous parallels between the communist tyranny we have known and currently developing versions of ‘liberal democracy’ ”.

Totalitarian tendencies in those who increasingly dominate public life in the West – let’s call them the progressive elitists have been pointed out before. It is the way these forces have behaved in Australia during the same-sex marriage and Safe Schools debates that awakened me so sharply. Don’t think me overly dramatic when I say you can smell the totalitarian threat in the air. Yes, right here in Australia.

Marriage fakery and gender confusion should be seen as parts of the elitist push. There are other parts, too, in other fields. Going by recent experience, we can expect new forms of inhumanity threatening us year by year, with the aim of destroying traditional foundations and herding us towards the prison camp of progressivist utopia.

Let me illustrate a couple of the parallels between the elitist social engineers and the commissars of the country and system I thought I had left behind.

Confusing, distorting, reversing and destroying the meanings of words was a major characteristic of communism, as much as the constant threat of state terror. The elitists in Australia also depend on word forgeries. “Homophobe” has become a term for the hysterical condemnation of ordinary people, and it is as manipulative as any communist cant.

Unless we want to surrender ourselves and our children to a nightmarish future where speech is controlled, thoughts regulated and those who deviate brought to book, we must keep fighting in our own spheres and circles, be they parental, cultural, educational, political, professional.

One of the most hateful aspects of living under marxism was being constantly bombarded by the message that history was on its side – “the forces of progress”, as the apparatchiks liked to say – and the concomitant conclusion that resistance was useless. To make our subjection total, we had to be demoralised, stripped of any and all hope.

Now I hear the same hateful message: anyone daring to oppose gay marriage is on the wrong side of history….”  Jackboot In Rainbow Hues