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“…The memorial to President John F. Kennedy is shaped as the stump of a fallen tree, symbolizing a life cut short. Surrounding it are acres of pristine forest, planted long ago in his honor, with other adjoining acreage for his brother Robert, and still another for his son John, Jr.
The Kennedy Memorial is built on a tall plateau overlooking a lush valley so stunning it evokes images of Eden. On a clear day one can gaze all the way to the distant sea.
It is the largest memorial for the slain American president beyond the borders of the United States.
The 9/11 Living Memorial is shaped as a large bronze flag fluttering like a flame to symbolize the demise of the Twin Towers. Its base is made from the steel of the Towers. The names of all the victims of 9/11 are inscribed in the plaza surrounding the monument.
It is the largest 9/11 memorial beyond the borders of the United States.
Both memorials are in Jerusalem. Not London. Not Rome. Not Paris. Jerusalem, Israel.
No one from America asked or expected the Jews of Israel to build these memorials. But build them they did.
The capital of David and Solomon, Ben-Gurion and Begin. The 3,000 year City on a Hill so sacred in the Jewish faith there’s hardly a prayer that doesn’t mention it.
For nearly two millennia following Jerusalem’s destruction in antiquity the yearning for their sacred city was so intense that Jews everywhere would conclude their Passover with “Next year in Jerusalem.”
In the darkest hours of the Russian pogroms Jews would pray for Jerusalem.
As they were led to the gas chambers in the Holocaust Jews would cry out for Jerusalem…”  READ ON…. Why Jerusalem Matters