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“..A Canadian comedian will premiere a movie in British Columbia and has decided to charge white males $15 for admission while everyone else will pay $10.
He calls it “justice pricing” and, despite an outcry against the policy, has plans to go ahead with it.
The injustice of “social justice” has never been more apparent. Ask your average SJW to define “social justice,” and you’ll get a dozen or more different replies.
Except for one, common thread: stick it to the white man.
How this constitutes a reasonable notion of “social justice” is beyond me. Shouldn’t social justice be for everyone? Isn’t that inherent in the idea of a truly equal and tolerant society?
But social justice is not about equality and tolerance. It is about payback against real and imagined slights by white males through history. They must be made to suffer as those they “oppressed” suffered.
Society is far more nuanced and complex than the SJWs believe. If it were just a matter of making white males responsible for all the evils in the world, making society more “just” would be a snap. Anyone above the sixth grade who has studied history knows that things are more complicated than that. Twisting the facts of what happened in the past in order to cram them into a warped template of the present will not lead to “social justice.”
It will lead to a guillotine and firing squads for the perceived enemies of “justice.”  ‘Justice pricing’ at movie theater: $15 for white males,