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The best thing you’ll read all day. And tomorrow and the next day too. Everything becomes clear

“…Many times in the last eight years we have had to endure Barrack Obama’s pontification — “That is not who we are.” Really? Who are we? The Left has no idea. We -– all human beings -– are not what the Left likes to pretend we are, and therein lies the rub.

The walloping the Left took this election has been hard for them to handle, not because liberals were in love with Hillary, but because their most basal ideas just got kicked in the philosophical ribs; they’ve had the breath knocked out of them.

If we pass enough laws everyone will obey. If we take enough money from the rich, the poor will cease to exist. If we erase boundaries and ignore the differences between nations, there will be no more war. If we pretend that sinful behaviour isn’t a choice we make, then we’ve eradicated sin.
However, in order to do that we need massive government –- run by our fellow man, who is still damaged by our less-than-perfect social environment, but who will, nevertheless, have life-or-death power over us all, and will ring in a Brave New World.

In order to extract enough money from the rich, we have to 1) define down “rich” until it covers even those in the middle class –- there aren’t enough of the truly wealthy to do the job — and 2) convince the “rich” that they want to keep working despite the fact that the money they earn will go to others they neither know nor love, to others who do not work. This gets us back to oppressive governing techniques…”  The Opposite of Right