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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

History comes back to haunt from 1994 — Clinton approves a plan to give aid to North Korea — New York Times

“This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world,” Mr. Clinton said in a brief appearance in the White House press room this afternoon. “It’s a crucial step toward drawing North Korea into the global community.” — “The agreement goes to concerns we’ve had about the North Korean nuclear program with respect to past activities, current activities and future activities,”

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Decline and Disgrace at Sydney University — Quadrant

The University of Sydney’s latest marketing campaign titled ‘Unlearn’ beggars belief but provides a striking example of how successful the cultural-left has been in subverting the academy.

While education has always involved questioning accepted truths and challenging the status quo you only need to watch the campaign’s accompanying video to realise that what is intended is more about enforcing a politically correct view of the world on students than wisdom and truth. Since the cultural revolution of the late Sixties and Seventies the more conservative liberal view of education has been attacked and undermined by a rainbow alliance of cultural-left movements including: Marxism, Neo-Marxism, deconstructionism, postmodernism, feminism and post-colonial and LGBTQI theories.

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Explaining the Narcissistic Rage of the Left — American Thinker

The elite see their virtue, rectitude, and moral superiority reflected back to them in the films, newspapers, advertisements, TV shows, and magazines they themselves create, and it is intoxicating – a gauzy reverie of self ratifying congratulation. Is it any wonder, after such unmitigated success, that the left is apoplectic about having its echo chamber shattered by a barbarian like Trump?

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‘Justice pricing’ at movie theater: $15 for white males, $10 for everyone else — American Thinker

A Canadian comedian will premiere a movie in British Columbia and has decided to charge white males $15 for admission while everyone else will pay $10. He calls it “justice pricing” and, despite an outcry against the policy, has plans to go ahead with it. The injustice of “social justice” has never been more apparent. Ask your average SJW to define “social justice,” and you’ll get a dozen or more different replies.
Except for one, common thread: stick it to the white man.

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Random Note #178,648 — Mr Anarchist Astro Labe and his life long ambition

The truth is that this piece of human garbage, Astro Labe, — who needed a gut full of grog by the way —- like all disaffected, inadequate, useful idiots, all round losers and human failures of the left with a monumental chip on their shoulder, is just another an incurious, intellectually lazy, sloth who hasn’t the capacity to put his case and therefore resorts to his weapon of choice, the head butt.

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First World faces a plague of complacency: Janet Albrechtsen — The Australian

Other First World problems are equally perilous. We are the generation that has no experience of living without basic freedoms. So we take them for granted and regularly curb them without understanding that we are chipping away at the core liberal project. The “cultural McCarthyism” that John Howard warned about in 1994 has taken hold. Freedom of speech is routinely curtailed in the name of not hurting someone’s feelings. Universities are cottonwool campuses that offer safe ­spaces and trigger warnings rather than robust intellectual learning —.We tend to assume the story of humanity is one of constant progress. But we should remember that after the Roman Empire collapsed, western Europe returned to the Dark Ages for 1000 years until the Renaissance. First World arrogance has led to the most diabolic First World problem of all: a deluded belief that we are immune from going backwards.

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Random Note #196,532 — Trump speech at the UN

Those career weasels reaching for their smelling salts at the UN who are shocked, horrified and offended by Trump’s unambiguous and unapologetic tough language concerning North Korea and Iran during his UN speech, need to be reminded that it wouldn’t have been necessary except for their uninspiring, obsequious and mealy mouth diplomacy and lack of action over many, many decades. It is their anaemic, velvet fist in a velvet glove that has allowed North Korea to become the world menace that it has. Like Obama with all his blather, bluster and bloviating about his red lines in Syria, it’s been just so much pathetic, shallow and meaningless rhetoric, leaving a mess for someone else to clean up

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Random Note #197,621 — Parliament House security fence

Would the 217 of the 226 politicians in Canberra who voted for the $126 million, security fence around the peoples house, please loudly identify what’s changed in recent times to warrant the installation of the 2.6 metre monstrosity? Would they name and specify what the fear is exactly, its origins and what government policy caused it?
Also noted is that they are on record on more than one occasion saying words to the effect that “we should go about our day and shouldn’t let the threat of terror change our way of life.”
Again, more meaningless and hollow rhetoric.

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Hanson’s ABC laws ‘won’t change a thing’ — The Australian

Hanson’s ABC laws ‘won’t change a thing’ — The Australian

Do you ever get the impression that you’ve dropped down an Alice in Wonderland, rabbit hole? That you’re somehow caught up in one of those whacky sideshow alley hall of mirrors? The world of the concave and the convex where nothing is as it should be? Where everything is stretched and distorted. (Like the ABC’s coverage on a range of issues)

So now we learn that legislation to make the ABC more fair and balanced, in fact won’t.

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