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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Ever wondered what Safe Schools is all about? Gender fluidity? Or being raised without gender? — This is child abuse

This is compelling viewing. Note at the beginning the first words are “Sweden is the most forward thinking country in the world when it comes to questioning gender” Forward?? This is child abuse and this is Sweden in 2017 and a look into the future. If you ever wondered about the point of Safe Schools, what it’s all about and where it’s headed, this will point the way. When the history books are written, the historians will wonder, just as we do with previous civilisations, how the West ever allowed this stuff, driven by a Marxist minority, to take root? TS Eliot wrote in The Hollow Men, “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” In this case the emphasis is on “whimp” Without doubt, combined with the current de-industrialisation, let it rip multiculturalism, extreme environmentalism, the culture wars and identity politics, the Left has discovered the most effective way to (literally) neuter the West.

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The NFL, taking the knee and facts, stats, inconvenient truths and fake news

Yep, no doubt about it. The stats are staggering but not in the way you might think. If you followed the usual suspects in the mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC or The Washington Post you could be forgiven for thinking that those that take the knee at the NFL know their stuff and have a case. And you’d be wrong. They’re just another example of the “useful idiots” being played, as those damn pesky facts, stats and inconvenient truths impose themselves.

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Multiculturalism and political correctness are killing Australia — Kevin Donnelly

I’ve often said that winning the lotto of life is to be born into or migrate to Australia but I have to say I’m not so sure of that any longer. “…Murray argues that “Europe has lost faith in its beliefs, traditions and legitimacy” when it needs to assert itself against a foreign culture imported by Islamic fundamentalism. In universities and schools students are taught that there is nothing beneficial or worthwhile about Western civilisation. Politically correct advocates condemn nations such as England, France and Germany for their colonial past, feminists attack society as misogynist and sexist and neo-Marxists attack capitalism as inequitable and unjust…”

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Sodom and Tomorrow — Geoffrey Luck, Quadrant Online

The campaign for same-sex marriage is not about equality, it is about envy and destruction, the creation of androgynous families. The clever fraud of ‘marriage equality’ and the organisation of the mob may be local, but the lead, and the political strategy come from America. The author of Queer in America, Michelangelo Signorile wrote that the fight for same-sex marriage was to “debunk a myth and alter an archaic institution…the most subversive action lesbians and gay men can undertake…is to transform the notion of ‘family’ entirely.”

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To Be An Adult — American Thinker

This is a good read if for no other reason than because it is so true. The Peter Pan Syndrome — males who remain boys all their lives — has long been with us. But now what I call “Aging Adolescents” (AAs) include as many females as males, and may be a majority in the younger generations. And they are raising, if one dares use that word, children who will replicate themselves as lifelong children. This threatens the economic, fiscal, and political well-being of our society and culture. Children are unable to lead, function in, or defend a society.

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Random Note — Angry old white dudes — Hmmm, that’d be most of us including many white young and old, female dudettes

When considering the demographic and psychographic profile of the NRL supporter base, I wonder how many would have even heard of rapper Macklemore. This raises the question(s) as to why he was seen as a fit for half time entertainment at the Grand Final. Who is the NRL targeting and what is their understanding of their supporter base? The old marketing adage is to know your market. It’s quite apparent that the NRL has no idea.

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A dark, disturbing mindset revealed at the Sydney Writers Festival by LGBT activist Masha Gessen

Without a scintilla of ambiguity and to enthusiastic and predictable applause from the packed audience, Gessen says that “fighting for gay marriage involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.” She continues “We lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change and I don’t think it should exist”

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Bill O’Reilly in a one on one with Sean Hannity

Seriously worth a watch. Bill O’Reilly back on Fox for a one off interview with Sean Hannity. Together they traverse much the same ground and range of issues that are going on here in Australia, particularly identity politics along with the grievance mongering and associated industry and the way the hard left in an endeavour to derail the country, are trying to rewrite, whitewash and photo shop history and shut down any opinion with which they disagree.

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The Grand Final is on Sunday but the NRL are already scoring own goals

Following in the virtue signalling, preening and politically correct tradition of the AFL, with a captive audience of 84,000, the NRL is determined to shove the politics of gay marriage down the throats of ordinary mums and dads who just want to have a pie and a beer and watch the footy.
“..Macklemore is set to perform at the NRL Grand Final this weekend, and it’s now been confirmed that he’ll perform his Ryan Lewis co-written marriage equality anthem ‘Same Love’ before kick-off. The song, which was released back in 2012 as the US continued to push for marriage equality, went on to reach number one on the Australian charts..”

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