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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note #189,683 — Me and Him (again) and more shallow, hollow, logic

Me and him again—

Him: “This shouldn’t be an issue, it is a basic human right.”

Me: “Since the argument is predicated on equality, some, (many perhaps) would argue that polygamy is a basic human right. Or marrying your sister. Or consanguinity is a basic human right. Would you argue against that? If not why not? If so, how? After all, “all love is equal” so you keep telling us. What’s your bottom line and how would you morally and ethically prosecute your case against the above type of unions celebrating their special kind of love?”

Again, Grand exit into a broom cupboard.

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Random Note #194,673 — Me and Him — Shallow, hollow leftist logic (is there any other kind?)

A piece of shallow, leftist logic (is there any other kind?) with respect to the SSM debate.

Him: “The question is simply should same sex couples be allowed to marry, yes or no: religion is a human construct based on human need for social order and control.”

Me: “You mean like your religion based on human need for social order and control, socialism/communism? Or perhaps you mean that other social construct and religion, climate change?”

You had to be there. Was like making a grand exit and walking into a broom cupboard

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Coal could keep Turnbull in The Lodge, Peta Credlin — Sunday Telegraph

Random Note: It’s quite apparent that while strutting and preening, wearing their green credentials on their sleeve and taking the moral high ground, the energy behemoths like AGL and Engie are in fact scamming consumers by using the shut down of one of the assets and thereby creating a shortage, to boost their profits. In other words they’re gaming the system. They’re using the current policy as a way of tinkering with supply and demand and boosting profits whilst at the same time virtue signalling their supposed green credentials and responsible corporate worthiness when in fact they’re simply shysters, scammers and con artists

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This is how it ends — What’s changed in Britain since same-sex marriage? David Sergeant, Spectator

After watching the gaggle of useful idiots on the news over the weekend demonstrating around Australia for gay marriage it would be worth their while (and those that don’t care either way) to take the time to better inform themselves as to what happens when the after glow fades. “..Such gender-theory radicalism has delighted Stonewall, the UK’s largest LGBT lobby. Their Orwellian tagline: ‘Acceptance without exception’, can be seen plastered on posters and adverts. Politicians, attempt to ‘out-radical’ one another, in the race to be an original champion, in the next emancipatory front of ‘Trans-rights’. Freedom of religion: Much was made in the UK, about supposed exemptions, designed to ensure that believers would always be allowed to stay true to their convictions. Four years later, the very same people who made ‘heartfelt promises’, now work tirelessly to undermine them…”

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A Very Queer Reading of Aquinas — Quadrant

Have no doubt that once gay marriage is legalised a Pandora’s Box will be opened. Why not also allow incest, and give such couples legal standing? In this day of very effective contraceptive drugs and devices, and abortion on demand, shouldn’t the right to cohabit be left to the consenting individuals even if they happen to be brother and sister? The ‘ick’ factor aside, what possible reason does the state have to not legalise incest? If you think this is unlikely in modern Western societies consider that the German Ethics Council recently recommended that incest, including between siblings, be legalised.

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Same-sex law should see exodus from marriage act — Jennifer Oriel — The Australian

We know that freedom of speech will be affected by marriage reform after the fact because it has been attacked before the fact. Greens candidate Martine Delaney lodged a complaint against Catholic Archbishop Hobart Julian Porteous for a booklet supporting traditional marriage. Porteous ultimately won the case, but had to defend free speech on marriage to the satisfaction of Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Tribunal.

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The Curse Of A Corporate Conscience — Quadrant

Boards and managers work to further the financial interests of shareholders. They don’t have carte blanche to do whatever they fancy, in the company’s name, outside of running the business. Alan Joyce, for example, has responsibility to run an airline. This primarily entails taking people from one point to another in a timely, comfortable and safe manner while, at the same time, maximizing shareholder returns. As applies to all companies, he also has to see to it that his airline operates within the law and, beyond that, ethically.

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If you needed another reason not to vote Turnbull’s Liberal, this is it

The head of government relations with energy giant AGL is a graduate of Al Gore’s climate-change leadership program whose move to the corporate world last year follows a quest to “change the system from within.
Mr Chappel, who joined AGL as head of government and community relations in February last year, has been a chief of staff to NSW Liberal minister Rob Stokes, and linked to his party’s moderate faction. He is a former president of the Young Liberals in NSW and was once touted as a candidate in the Sydney state seats of Davidson or Ku-ring-gai. The Australian asked Mr Chappel how he came to AGL, and whether the past description of wanting to “change the system from within”

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Greens confirm: Gay marriage is just the start — Andrew Bolt

Joel Dignam lead organiser of the ACT Greens: “..Queer campaigners should not win their rights by meekly trudging into the tent of patriarchal marriage, their tails between their legs. Rather, the same-sex marriage campaign can be about dismantling the walls of the tent, expanding it to be open to more of us, and continuing to liberalise this cultural institution..”

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