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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Paris and the vaulting ambition of Turnbull and Bishop

The blinding determination of Turnbull and Bishop to see Australia’s Paris commitment through, regardless of the futility and the damage done to our economy reminds me of the folly of Gallipoli or the ‘going over the top‘ on the Western Front in WW1, when in the face of insurmountable odds the Generals were prepared to sacrifice the youth of Australia and the empire for the sake of their own vaulting ambition, pride and ego.

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Random Note — Paris

Tony Abbott’s advocacy for Australia to walk back on the Paris agreement is simply demonstrating the truth of the John Maynard Keynes observation that:
’When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?’

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Random Note — Socialism V Capitalism

It’s a bit like believing Nazism is a good idea but being totally being unaware of Hitler. Or Christianity and being unaware of Jesus. It was philosopher George Santayana who made the observation that ‘Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it’ And it’s quite apparent that these two, 20 and 28 year olds haven’t so much learnt from history as never been taught or learnt about history or their favourite political product of choice, socialism, in the first place.

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Random Note — Coal on the cusp

Surely the message must eventually penetrate the Canberra bubble that if we won’t use OUR coal to drive OUR economy others will use OUR coal to drive their economies, overtake us and fill the manufacturing and industrial vacuum created by Australia.

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Random Note — All men are rapists (apparently)

Through their twisted logic, how many women in the future have they condemned to opportunistic attack. Let’s try their logic in the lions enclosure at Taronga Zoo.
Would they enter the enclosure without a means of self defence? Didn’t think so.

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Random Note — Brutopian Notes, Giles Auty, The Spectator

What post-modernism constitutes is purely and simply left-wing totalitarianism by stealth. Likewise the tutors and so-called academic boards which so happily reject the idea of degree courses in Western Civilisation are simply neo-Marxist fronts whether they care to admit this or not. Like termites in wood, Marxist teachers burrow tirelessly, chewing away at the vital organs of our democracy with the openly avowed intention of causing its structural collapse.

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Random Note — ‘Sick of’ and mad as hell 2.0

They’re sick of seeing their society and culture being trashed and unravelling at warp speed. Becoming frayed and stressed and like a concave and convex, side-show alley, whacky hall of mirrors where everything is twisted, distorted and bent out of shape. At least in the mirror maze, you know that you will at least exit at some point. Not so anymore. In this postmodern, dystopian world, the twisted, stretched, distorted and bent out of shape has become the new normal. The hall of mirrors is the new fixed reality.

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Sharia By Stealth, Quadrant — Augusto Zimmermann

You may not be interested in Islam, but Islam is interested in you. What we‘re looking at is nothing less than a blasphemy law by stealth. A blasphemy law via the unlocked back door of our democracy designed to shut you up and allow Islam to go about its work.

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