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The double standards and hypocrisy right across politics is just so all pervasive. Exhibit A, your honour, this comparison between the crimes and misdemeanours of the two Bill’s, Cosby and Clinton…

“…Hillary has spent the last year successfully avoiding the snares of her husband’s sexual pathologies, only to step right into her closest confidante’s husband’s sexual pathologies.

There is a certain symmetry about all this. Ten months ago, way back in December 2015, I was on the radio and posed a question that caught the fancy of multiple news outlets: Nobody needed criminal convictions to drop Cosby – just multiple accusations of sexual assault and some out-of-court payouts. But multiple accusations of sexual assault, out-of-court payouts and the loss of his law license are apparently not enough to bar Bill Clinton from another eight years in the White House.

“I mean that as a serious question incidentally,” Steyn said. “Why is Bill Cosby finished? He was the most beloved guy. We keep hearing Bill Clinton is the most beloved guy in America. ‘If Bill Clinton was on the ticket, he’d sweep all 50 states. It would be a landslide. Americans love Bill Clinton.’ They loved Bill Cosby – nice grandfatherly Bill Cosby. But somehow, for some reason – you don’t see ‘The Bill Cosby Show’ on TV anymore. You don’t see it on the rerun channels. He is not appearing anywhere….” The Questions That Were Never Put (in Public)