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The passing of the ABCC legislation is something of a hollow victory for the Turnbull government as the Derryn Hinch, inspired master stroke amendment, delaying the implementation of the serious application of its intent to existing workplace agreements until the end of 2018, effectively puts it within the orbit of the next election.

If the trend of recent polling continues that means within the orbit of another Labor government and as Labor is pretty much a wholly owned subsidiary of the union movement, we can again only begin to imagine the fate of the ABCC. It will be still born and if not, strangled at birth.

The cashed CFMEU has been effectively given a heads up and a 2 year window of opportunity to road test and implement another harum scarum, 2007 style “your rights at work” campaign.

Again Turnbull has been played for the mug punter that he is.

The entire farce is best summed up by this comment by a building industry insider:

“..We have a bunch of new crossbench senators who know f..k all about industrial relations who have agreed to a set of arrangements they know f..k all about,” one furious senior construction figure tells The Australian. ­

“They have been completely sucked in by the CFMEU..”