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It’s good to see in recent days and weeks in The Australian and now The Jerusalem Post, the microscope zooming in on the nefarious activities of billionaire George Soros. Discussion about Soros used to be confined to the areas of late night talk radio and the blogosphere and written off by many as the bogeyman imaginings of conspiracy theorists. To rework Greek philosopher Pericles, most people are probably not interested in George Soros but George Soros is interested in you.

Working through his bogus, Orwellian sounding, philanthropic, Open Society Foundation, Soros could best be described as evil and sinister in a James Bond, arch villain, Goldfinger/Ernst Blofeld, kind of way as he endeavours to orchestrate the subversion and the subsequent destruction, dislocation and total disintegration of nation states via open borders, for no other reason than because he can.

Unbeknown to most people though, the Soros tentacles via his seed funded sock puppet proxy in Australia, GetUp, reach into your life, knock on your door, lobby at the ballot box and appear on Q&A subtlety and incrementally pushing his anarchic agenda of chaos, dysfunction and societal breakdown.