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Random Note #231,672
The ability not to learn from even the most recent history never ceases to amaze. We already have a living breathing two state outcome in the Middle East.
One is the state of stability and democracy that is Israel, the other is the state of chaos and confusion that is Gaza, after Israel dismantled all their settlements and moved out in 2005.
What Israel got for that gesture is the Hamas terrorist state right next door launching thousands of rockets and mortar attacks over the fence from the Gaza Strip and a tunnel network with pop up holes into Israel proper.
Given Einstein’s theory of insanity, of doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, it’s very easy to understand Israel’s intransigence vis a vis the West Bank. And is anyone seriously suggesting that had the positions and outcome of the 1967 war been reversed, that the Arab world would comply and buckle to world opinion?
Given their duplicitous two state rhetoric, it’s about time Hamas and their proxies in the West were called upon to explain to the world how they see it coming to fruition and working, given that Hamas refuses to even recognise Israels right to exist in the first place and in fact has, as part of their charter, taught in their schools, the goal of totally eliminating Israel off the face of the earth.