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I think the first thing we need to do is address this chimera, this mirage that we’re going to reach net zero by 2020.

We’re not and everyone knows it.

Paul Broad the former head of Snowy Hydro believes that it won’t be 8 years to achieve 80% renewables but 80 years.

This entire idea is a political football and a concept into which the experts, activists and the climate cult can shoe horn anything and everything. And throw around tragets percentages and numbers that no one believes it understands.

It’s all designed to instill fear and trepidation

In fact net zero has become something of a Swiss Army knife of the climate mind virus which itself is simply a  mechanism to bring on a global redistribution of wealth and the  managed decline  of the west.

Gas is very much like uranium and coal. We’re happy to dig it up and export it to China and wherever else for them to use and pollute out sight out of mind, but we want ourselves to be virginal and pure in the eyes of the global elites.

But the move to ban gas appliances raises a very simple question.

And that critical question is:- And replace it with what? Electricity from renewables?

With the shutting down of coal fired power and replacing coal with renewables which will ONLY ever be boutique, we are being asked to suspend out faculties of logic and reason and accept and believe that renewables can not only deliver base-load power as it is today but that we can also saddle renewables with 100% electric cars and NOW if this gets up all your hot water, kitchen and manufacturing appliances powered by gas.

This is just an idealogical wet dream. As I used to say, this is the Dusty Springfield logic of wishin’ and hopin’

This begs the question. What happens to the brain of your suburban Joe when he goes to Canberra or Macquarie Street that they go along with this.

And it further begs the question. Who’s actually driving the agenda. Whose running things because I don’t believe for a minute that the average politician believes any of this stuff and to the extent that they do it’s through a purely political lens and not what will work or be good for the country.