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The science is in and the empirical evidence, based purely on our collective, observations and lived experience over many, many decades and despite all the selective but inaccurate modelling and data manipulation, think, the Hockey Stick graph, all the conferences, all the IPCC projections and predictions, all the papers presented, and all the authoritative think tanks, all designed to bamboozle, confuse and gaslight and trick, most people haven’t noticed any discernible difference in climate or temperature at all.

None. That’s the real world experience.

Yes, we have outlier warmer days and outlier cooler days. That’s weather not climate.

To the extent that the temperature has marginally increased at all, (+/- one degree over the last century) the empirical evidence and science is in on that as well and as history records over millennia for general amenity and human longevity, liveability, productivity, crop yields etc, it’s all 100% upside.