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It is recorded, geological and historical fact that there has always been changes to climate.
However it’s worth noting how the default argument is always to try and frame anyone who disagrees with the reasons, as being a denier or heretic of climate change in principle, when that is not at all, central to or what the debate is about.
The only thing we not for certain is that climate changes., No sentient human being denies that.
It’s a given.
Whoever argues that climate stands still and doesn’t change is a certifiable village idiot.
From ice ages to inter-glacial periods (we’re in one now) and back again and all stops in between the extremes. The Medieval Warm period, the Roman Warming period (warmer that it is today) and the Little Ice Age for example.
Question —- What caused those previous changes to climate?
Answer —- Although we can hypothesise no one really knows for certain. It could have been one of many inputs like sunspots, the tilt and wobble of the earth on its axis or the conveyor belt of ocean currents for example.
Whichever it was,we do know most DEFINITELY what it wasn’t.
It WASN’T anthropogenic co2.
Mankind has only been producing any volume of it since the commencement of the industrial age of the last 150 to 200 years and in terms of climate change were talking tens of millions even hundreds of millions of years.
Of course the other glaring inconvenient truth is that man has only been on the planet for +/- 150 to 200 thousand years so we cant be fitted up an framed and have these climate crimes pinned on humanity.
You’re not supposed to think in such clear, logical and simple terms. You’re supposed to remain compliant, docile and confused and listen to the ‘experts’. These would be the same experts from the IPCC and NASA whose modelling of temperature increases have been 100% wrong since the beginning.
How about we as individuals, listen to and follow our own internal logic. Follow our ability to reason and our powers of deduction and instinct.
Look at the history.
As Albert Einstein said: ‘If you want to see the future, look to the past’.
All the mindless and repetitive talking points and arguments by the pundits, talking heads, ‘experts’, drones and social media trolls, are purely political, simply don’t pass any pub test and melt under the slightest application of logic, reason and basic scrutiny.
No amount of deliberate talking up and conflation of anthropogenic co2 with climate change, can make it so.
Again for the slow learners — What we do know for certain is that because of the chronology of mankind and our place on the timeline of history, anthropogenic co2 was not responsible for previous climate changes and no amount of talking it up as the villain, can make it responsible for future changes in climate either.