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Before anyone jumps in, this is not meant to besmirch or as a slur against the Chinese people but aimed directly against the Chinese leadership.


Not only does the Coronavirus have its origins in China geographically but more importantly and crucially, in this globalised world with cheap travel, it has its origins in the siege mentality and fortress mindset of the communist party leadership and particularly and more broadly the characteristics of face saving and shame avoidance.


Did the leadership seriously think that the rest of the world wouldn’t find out sooner or later? That they could cover this up?


For not wanting to admit they have a problem and avoid embarrassment and shame, the communist party leadership has put the lives of millions in jeopardy, and have demonstrated that in terms of public health the communist party is still stuck in 1949.


In addition they have done untold damage to the global economy, particularly their own


If the leadership of China had been a good global citizen and had been up front, open and honest from the first detected case in early December instead of trying to cover it up for a month to spread further, the world wouldn’t be in the situation it is today.


On another level, the Coronavirus epidemic is a real life lesson for the striking climate school kids and their infantilised adult enablers and manipulators.


This is what a real existential crisis and a real emergency and threat looks like.


To paraphrase Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee: That’s not a crisis, THIS is a crisis, with borders closing and towns in Europe in lock-down, sporting events cancelled or suspended and travel bans in place, as panic sets in.