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On many occasions over the years I’ve pointed out how the left understands the power of words, language and nuance. Those on the centre right are always playing catch up and don’t seem to get it.

The left pick up on a phrase or a word (i’m certain they actually workshop and market test it) and aided and abetted by a compliant media all to willing to assist, flog it to death to the point where their target builds up an immunity to the accusation.

One word and associated mental imagery that has been electorally road tested in the US by the left and in all forms of media in recent times, are the words, hate and denier.

This was the case last night in Dan Andrew’s victory speech when taking the high moral ground that “hope always defeats hate”. About as vacuous and meaningless as Obama’s, “hope and change”.

A snappy line but where’s the evidence?

Evidence? Who needs evidence of this hate?

To the rabble and scum of the radical left, hate or a hater is defined by them as anyone who disagrees with them.

That’s why they place so much emphasis on the phrase “hate speech”.

What is hate speech?

Hate speech is a vague and wooly term, impossible to define other than that hate speech is anything they disagree with and it’s used to pigeon hole, characterise and impugned the motives of their opposition.

They expectorate, speak, and spit out the word hate, with such wild emotion, venom and spite and actual hatred and all the violence it implies, that it’s easy to conclude that again, it is they, who are the haters, while accusing others.

The evidence here is easier to pinpoint and is the millions of dead at the hands of the left since the French revolution through to the Russian revolution, the CCP and so on.

Again, as in so many others instances, it is projection. It’s a transference of emotion from themselves on to their enemy.

They actually enjoy the snarling and bearing of teeth and the associated hissing and spitting of getting their mouth around the enunciation of the word.

It is a very strong, emotional and onomatopoeic word, hate and when they projectile vomit it, it is with such hatred, bile and vicious savageness that it is almost as if it’s being spoken in capital letters.

These people are the misfits. These people are the loathsome haters.

As for denier. That’s easy.

Whether it be an election irregularity or dispute or a dispute over climate or gender or any of the other shibboleths of the left, the word denial has become interchangeable with hate, and is used to undermine credibility and associate their target  with the satanic evil of holocaust denial.

The holocaust, which brings us full circle back to hatred.

It’s all wheels within wheels.