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Abraham Lincoln said “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”


Perhaps not, but you sure as hell can seduce them for a while because seduction and folly is what happens, is what you get, when you goof off and don’t pay attention.


Obama even told America what the plan was in 2008, “the fundamental transformation of America”. Weren’t you listening? What part of that was difficult to understand? 2016 was meant to be a smooth transition for HRC to continue Obama’s third term and ramp up the transformation.


With the triggered, unhinged behaviour of the left, for all of the last 4 years it has been all to apparent where this was headed.


That is, that the 2020 election was never about Trump he was simply in the way and could see what was at stake. It was never going to be just the usual, footsy under the table, your turn, our turn, blue team, red team political argy bargy.


This was always going to be an existential election. This was playing for keeps and all the state of permancy that phrase implies.


Whether people liked his style or not, Donald Trump was the only thing, the firewall, standing between the establishment deep state and their far left agenda and the people.


They’re about to find out what that means and they’re not going to like it. In the words of H L Mencken, they’re about to get democracy “good and hard”


America as designed is over.



“…. The evidence has been out there for all to see but in the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Obama and his entourage have never taken their eye off the ball.  He and his allies have been striving to implement their “fundamental transformation” of the US for decades.


Now that they succeeded in electing their non-entity, frail and senile candidate who will do whatever he is told to do, haltingly read whatever his handlers put on his teleprompter, the left factions are waiting to implement their full-scale agenda. 


No free speech, harsh censorship of all views in opposition to the regime, no freedom of assembly, no Second Amendment, no school choice – all the dreams seem within reach.


The use of race to divide and incite the population in the least racist nation of the planet continues and even intensifies.  Mandatory redistribution of wealth is being openly discussed.  The productive will be pitted against the non-productive.  Bill Gates, the man whose obsession is not just population control, is now the largest owner of US farmland.  America is resembling an oligarchy/technocracy.  It took decades to get to where we are but weeks for it all to become frighteningly evident.  Joe Biden is beholden to China, our foremost global rival.  


There are indeed two systems of justice in America and many of those who will suffer the most under a Biden administration voted for it.  So convinced by our corrupt media that Trump was an evil man, so unable to see the truth of the swamp, that it is hopelessly immoral, they voted for what they are about to get:  Without Divine intervention, this moment looks like the bitter end of America as founded…”