Thanks to Andrew Bolt for ripping the mask off Richard Di Natale and the Greens, stripping them bare for all to see and exposing their true, Orwellian ideology.

The Green branding has always been a foil, a wolf in sheep’s clothing for hard left, unalloyed social and cultural Marxism.

Watching him with Bolt it occurred to me that we were actually watching the ugly face of the putative joint Prime Minister of Australia after the election in May, as once again, the minority Greens tail will wag the majority Labor dog.

As is always the case with the vicious, savage and intolerant left, the unsophisticated Di Natale unplugged, in a stream of vile and vomitous consciousness and hatred, predictably practiced the art of Freudian and Jungian projection as he accused his political enemies of the very things he himself and the Greens do on a regular basis in a string of unsubstantiated allegations.

We learnt two things from Di Natale:

One, any speech, thought or opinion that runs counter to the hard left, that Di Natale represents, no matter how obtuse, will, by definition be regarded and legislated as hate speech.

Two, In the shadow of Christchurch, no level of chaos and opportunity is beyond leverage and exploitation as Di Natale and the left scrapes the bottom of the barrel and subscribes to the maxim that ‘you should never let a serious crisis go to waste’.

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