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So much to say but then so little needs to be said. We’re again watching the earth move under our feet. The tectonic plates of society are shifting dramatically.

I guess the question is how does this happen? Whose running the show? Who’s in charge?

The institutions have been well and truly marched through and captured. In this case the institution of bureaucracy.

The politicians come and go but the bureaucrats are there for as long as they like.

In effect, the politicians are the summer interns. They’re the temp workers.

Our own ABC is a working model. Ministers and board members come and go and nothing changes.

What we have is an inversion of the normal employer employee relationship where the politician works for and implements the policies of the bureaucracy, not the other way round.

There’s a new book on this phenomenon written by the former US congressman Jason Chaffets called The Puppeteers.

He’s writing specifically about the American experience but it confirms my thinking on this for every parliamentary system in the world.

The politicians are an inconvenience that come and go and are not to disrupt their agenda. If they do they are removed.

Tony Abbott was a case in point. Turnbull is establishment Abbott wanted a different approach. The media and the pollsters did the rest.

This is why the establishment of both sides of politics hates Donald Trump and are determined to stop him. He’s on to them and they don’t like it. Their very survival and their left wing agenda is at stake.

Many might say that this case in the UK is a conspiracy theory but  the Daily Mail feature is complete with images of the actual curriculum.

It’s a  wonder some head teachers or the bureaucrats who are mandating this stuff haven’t suffered grievous bodily harm from angry parents, particularly recent arrival from the Middle East.

“…MailOnline has found graphic teaching material — including a sex manual for pre-teens — being taught to children in classes around the UK.

It follows a concerned mother being denied the right to see the content of the lessons being taught to her 15-year-old daughter in her Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) classes, which became compulsory three years ago.

Despite a judge refusing Clare Page the right to see the material, MailOnline can reveal that a wealth of questionable teaching resources are already available online.

Colouring books, word searches and cartoon drawings have also been given to young girls and boys by ‘activist teachers’ in their ‘overarching mission to sexualise children in the name of inclusion’.

Since September 2020, Relationships Education has been compulsory in primary schools and RSE mandatory in secondary schools. The change left many teaching staff seeking guidance.

The void was filled by charities — some harbouring unconventional views on biological sex and sharing material on their websites that references underage sex…”.