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Despite the left trying to frame this as a conspiracy theory its not. The great replacement theory is not a theory at all and is actually happening in real time. It has been has been expounded in the New York Times by Michelle Goldberg  under the heading of an op-ed piece, “We Can Replace Them” in October 2018.

How else can such deliberate open borders and unprecedented numbers be explained or read any other way than through the lens of building (replacing) a constituency with one more dependent on the government largesse and social security?

Secondly it’s not about immigration as such but about the open slather illegal and uncontrolled numbers of people allowed to simply wander across the border with no checks on their bona fides or their health status.

What it is about, is the actualisation of the strategy first promulgated by the UC Berkeley husband and wife team of social scientists, Cloward and Piven in 1966.

The Cloward and Piven strategy is very simple with the aim of overwhelming the ability of the US to cope under the shear weight of numbers, socially, culturally and economically. In modern day sporting parlance, it’s about “flooding the zone”

Exactly what’s happening now.

As for the comments by Trump about poisoning the bloodstream, this is best viewed through the prism of the observation by Selena Zito’s in The Atlantic in September 2016: “the press take Trump literally but not seriously. His supporters take him seriously but not literally”