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Given the revelations in Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires and those of recent weeks on the laptop from hell combined with the separate Tony Bobulinski trove of texts, emails, audio files and the breadcrumb trail of evidence of times, dates, people and places, it looks like America has gone from “hail to the Chief” to “hail to the thief”

It’s interesting that the same mainstream media who so far have gotten everything wrong, from Trump’s campaign, Trumps egg on face election predictions, to the various hoaxes and impeachment, the Nick Sandmann Covington Catholic School fracas and all manner of scuttlebutt and rumours to their more recent appalling polling, have now stepped up and declared Biden President

The glass half full dictates that the media’s record of getting things wrong, could be a good omen for Trump.

The media declaration is the next phase, part of that same set piece, designed, developed and war gamed by the Transition Integrity Project in collusion with the media of a manipulative psyops designed to maintain the freight train momentum, set the narrative in advance, create an atmosphere of smoke and mirrors combined with a gaslighting mind game of total bamboozlement and discombobulation.

An atmosphere of a high expectations and a done and dusted, fait accompli. That it’s all over and its time to “move on”.

The entire yella, yella, come on let’s go, hustle, hustle media narrative is designed to leave everyone gasping, tired, dazed, exhausted begging for mercy and just wanting it all to stop and wondering, given the Dems lost seats in the house, what the hell just happened, as they psychologically try and shove Trump out the door.

It’s like the media are undergoing the full green vomit, head twisting exorcism and trying to psych Trump out of the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, he continues to take up space and live in their heads.

The declaration and the participation by the media acting as one, has all the hallmarks and characteristics and straight from the playbook of the typical colour revolution of non violent resistance orchestrated by the US and common to African backwaters, the Middle East and Eastern Europe to effect regime change by fomenting discontent and discord except in this case it is happening on home soil. This exact tactic including the participation of the media and the shock troops of the likes of Antifa and BLM was predicted months ago here and here to the letter.

Use your imagination and the crowds, the throng, gathering outside the White House singing YMCA is again part of a play and typical of a peaceful colour revolution except it would be outside the El Presidente’s compound or palace.

Perhaps they need to be reminded that Trump remains President at least up until midday on January 20, 2021.

In addition, the overall hustle by the media is intended to pressure and intimidate the Supreme Court to bend to the will of the media.

Popular vote not withstanding, and SCOTUS appeals aside, formality, tradition and most importantly, constitutional procedure, dictate that the president is not determined until either Trump concedes and most certainly not until December 14th and by the electoral college NOT by the media.

*****Worth listening to Darren Beattie from yesterday. Listen from the 4 minute mark as he brings his Color Revolution thesis right up to date*****